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Introducing our No Spill Wax Melts, the perfect solution for anyone who loves the ambiance of a candle but hates the mess of traditional wax melts. Our No Spill Wax Melts feature a unique, no-spill design that prevents wax from spilling over the sides of the warmer, while still providing a warm and inviting fragrance. Made from high-quality materials, our wax melts are long-lasting and provide hours of fragrance. Simply place one or two wax melts in your wax warmer, turn it on, and enjoy the delightful fragrance without the mess. The compact size of our No Spill Wax Melts makes them easy to store and transport, so you can enjoy your favorite fragrance anywhere, anytime. Say goodbye to messy wax melts and hello to our No Spill Wax Melts!

Blooming Infusion - Wax Melt

  • Last up to 72 Hours

  • Peach Blossom & Cedarwood Oils

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